The True Voice


The True Voice


Asset Intelligence Newspaper is the voice of the luxury market. Connecting all areas from lifestyle, travel, supercars, superyachts, real estate and alternatives. We enable our readers and members to have their finger on the pulse by being the go to luxury news source.

You can find the newspaper at Queenwood Golf Club, Grace Belgravia, Harrods Aviation and selected corporate offices in the UK and UAE.

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel, Supercars, Yachting, Real Estate and Alternatives (watches, coins, art, auctions etc).

Placement: Airport Lounges, Corporate Offices, Private Jets, Luxury Apartments, Private Clubs, Hotels, Yacht Clubs and Golf Clubs.

Countries: China, France, Montenegro, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, United Kingdom

Cities: Beijing, Cannes, Dubai, Florida, Fort Launderdale, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Monaco, Montenegro, New York, Paris

The newspaper is also available to our club members and select venues.

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Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

  • February

    Paris Fashion Week. Booking Dealine - 1st January

  • March

    Dubai International Boat Show, Dubai World Cup Horse Racing, Sun Valley Film Festival. Booking Deadline - 1st February

  • April

    Masters Golf Tournement. Booking Deadline - 1st March

  • May

    Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, Cannes Film Festival, Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. Booking Deadline - 1st April

  • June

    Cartier Queens Cup Polo, Paris Air Show, Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup (Polo), Royal Ascot. Booking Deadline - 1st May

  • July

    Wimbledon Championship. Booking Deadline - 1st June

  • August

    Les Azuriales, Burning Man. Booking Deadline - 1st July

  • September

    Monaco Yacht Show. Booking Deadline - 1st August

  • October

    Frieze London Art Fair. Booking Deadline - 1st September

  • November

    Fort Launderdale Yacht Show. Booking Deadline - 1st October

  • December

    Art Basel Miami Beach, New Years on St. Barts. Booking Deadline - 1st November


Distribution and Audience

Distribution and Audience


Countries: China, France, Montenegro, UAE, USA and UK


5* Hotels - 131 locations | Private Clubs - 27 Lounges | Yacht Clubs - 12 | Golf Clubs - 16 | Airport Lounges - 64 | Corporate offices - 106 | Private Jet - 18 Lounges

Frequency: Monthly

Circulation: 10,000 | Our Members: 17,296 | Readership: 92,470

374 locations x 6.7 reads a day x 30 day placement + 17,296 members = 92,470 read per issue


Male: 52%           Female: 48%

Married: 78%      Single: 22%

Wealth: £14.8 million

Asset Worth

Supercar: £200k        Superyacht: £5m

Jet: £2.1m                   Real Estate: £4.9m


  1. Travel
  2. Real Estate
  3. Style and Leisure
  4. Finance
  5. Philanthropy

Rate Card

Rate Card


First DPS - £9,250

Second DPS - £8,787

Third DPS - £8,347

DPS - £7,690

Full Page - £6,455

1/2 Page - POA

1/4 Page - POA

Special Positions

Cover Wrap - £39,998

Back Cover - £23,780

First Inside back cover DPS - £8,000

Second Inside Back Cover DPS - £7,789


For editorial request email press@xanaduluxury.com

All editorial pieces must in Microsoft Word format.



Artwork Requirements

Artwork Requirements

Artwork requirements


PDF created as PDF/x-1a:2001 is our preferred file format. Other file types accepted: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. If supplying native files, please supply all links and fonts used in the document.

Digital File Requirements

For both PDF and native files, please adhere to the following rules.

  1. Make sure that all images are high-resolution (300 ppi) and are in CMYK mode. Note that enlarging an image with a resolution of 300 over 125% in the page layout file will lower the resolution to the point that image quality degradation may be noticeable when printed.
  2. Convert all spot colors to 4-color process (CMYK).
  3. Our maximum total area coverage/ink density is 300 dpi.

Page Specifications:

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Double Page Spread (Click on image to enlarge)